Experience and quality Stainless Steel

Caldertec started its activity in the field of Industrial Boiler-Sheet Metal Products in 2003. We are a company with great experience, mainly in the design and manufacture of equipment for the pharmaceutical,  food and chemical sectors.

Our specialty is the manufacture of tanks, reactors, generators, heat exchangers, pipe fittings pinping, hoppers, structures etc ...

We  mainly manufacture the following materials: (AISI 316L, AISI-304L, AISI-310, AISI-420, Hastelloy,  Duplex and carbon steel.

Caldertec offers its customers more than different 15-welding procedures, highlighting the automatic Orbital welding.

Our current headquarters are located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, in the village of Castellar del Vallès.  Our  facilities of 1,200m2,  two industrial buildings of 600m2 each.  We  manufacture stainless steel in the ship nº8 and carbon steel in the No. 10,  the ships are adjacent but separate to ensure that stainless steel does not suffer any contamination.


The role of CALDERTEC is to provide different and innovative solutions in manufacturing equipment of high added value, offering the highest quality and service at competitive prices.
Our professionalism and knowledge in the field of boilers supports us, to offer the best solutions to our current customers and initiate business relationships with potential customers.


Caldertec seeks  to  establish itself as a leader in the regional and national market through an orderly and sustained growth, recognition by customers and competitors as a company committed to high ethical values and  distinction. Caldertec  offer  and high quality to help  each of the customers achieve success, all this while being a committed SME with employees, suppliers and customers, contributing to social and economic development.


Innovation: Constant search for products and services that meet the needs of our customers, meeting the new demands and providing all our resources to exceed expectations.

Integrity: Performance based on honesty, integrity and responsibility.
Passion: Believe faithfully and constantly improve our work to achieve new goals is the basis of our philosophy.

"Code of design and manufacturing certificates"

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